What is the "98%"?

If you take all work-from-home solopreneurs, then add in all businesses in the United States that have 20 people or less…you have 98% of all small businesses in the country. One would think that’s a massive market opportunity

98% Client Base


The “98%” is the client base that got MouseCalls started. It’s the startups, the strugglers, the small non-profits that have to stretch pennies for months, the growers, the work-from-home folks. It’s the base no mainstream IT company supports well.

A Little Secret about IT Companies


Here’s a dirty little secret about most IT service companies and managed service providers. Most of them don’t pay attention to companies of 20 people or less; it’s just not their business model. They don’t think you are profitable enough to bother with. MouseCalls founder Alan Reeves even had a business partner (not associated with MouseCalls) who called these “$h1t accounts”. These IT companies have a goal of $250/month/user, and while that certainly is an appropriate price point for some service models, it almost never works for members of the 98%.

Enterprise-grade IT Solutions

MouseCalls has spent over two decades building, refining, and cultivating vendor partnerships and strategies that allow us to deliver Enterprise-grade IT solutions to the 98% at a cost that works.

We know we pack more value in our packages for the price point than any other IT company. As a result, we don’t compete on price. Besides, if you are shopping IT services by price alone rather than value, you’re doing it wrong 😉