Our Team

Alan “Woody” Reeves

In 1998, I started my journey into entrepreneurship – establishing an IT services company known as MouseCalls that grew rapidly; by the time I hired my first technician, I had about 500 or so clients in my database, and as the company continued to grow, I started gaining larger clients.

At that time, IT management wasn’t as popular or ubiquitous of a concept as it is now. In fact, a majority of our client base was used to the idea of waiting until something broke, then calling us to resolve the issue. Many didn’t feel the need to ensure that proper backup, regular maintenance, and proactive monitoring was in place.

In 2010, we had a catastrophic flood in Nashville, TN, which profoundly impacted areas of town and countless businesses suffered significant data loss. At that point, I reevaluated my situation and decided to start something more proactive for those clients who see the value in technology that works at all times and want to know that their data is secure and safe. I even spun off my second company, SunRiver IT Partners, which still services business clients including our local minor league baseball club. In early 2018, I turned my attention back to my “first love”, MouseCalls, as I wanted to bring high-end enterprise-grade solutions to the smaller folks.

I’ve always strived to maintain good relationships with each and every one of our clients, but more than that, I strive to communicate in a high quality manner – crafting solutions after getting to know all of the fundamental aspects of each client’s company and what’s important to them.

We don’t do cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all offerings – we craft real solutions that work to solve business challenges. Contact me at 615-662-0235 or send me an email here to learn more.

Cheryl Philamalee

With a strong background in administrative work, including human resources, office administration, client/vendor relations, and more, Cheryl Philamalee moved to Nashville in summer of 2012. She started searching for employment near home. She applied for dispatch and general office work at Sunriver IT Partners, wherein she discovered the perfect position for herself – her vision and standards were aligned seamlessly with the company’s vision and standards.

As an insatiable, interpersonally driven individual, she truly enjoys working with others to find the right solutions to better their lives – and her role allows her to do that on a daily basis for clients. She believes fully and wholeheartedly in our modules and our team as we offer the best in class IT solutions.

So what does Cheryl like to do in her spare time? She thoroughly enjoys spending time with her family, friends, pets, and of course, watching football. She also enjoys reading, and due to her great appreciation of nature, she enjoys everything on, in, or around the water.

Jim Gaba

Jim Gaba is an IT veteran with over 25 years of leadership experience. Prior to joining MouseCalls, Jim held senior IT leadership positions at several companies in Nevada, California, Arizona and now Nashville. Jim also provided strategic vision and tactical IT support to various companies as a consultant.

Jim has extensive experience in Desktop support for home based business as well Business support in Domains and Multi-Office communications.
Jim enjoys the outdoors spending time coaching on his son’s baseball team, helping out on the family ranch in Paradise Valley, Nevada and fishing and hunting.

“I believe in open lines of communication with staff and clients and I believe and for every action there’s a reaction.”