VIP Memberships

We utilize the most up-to-date tools and technologies to get computers running smooth and consistent. We only use and recommend the best products on the market!

MouseCalls’ VIP packages have been the cornerstone of our consumer offerings since their launch in February, 2016.  Back then, we predicted that 30-40% of clients who were offered the service would sign on.  To our astonishment, the adoption rate was over 90%, as people saw the incredible value we packaged into each one.

The backbone of every VIP plan includes the following:

  • Unlimited remote Help Desk support (this is $99/hour for non-VIPs)
  • 1TB Cloud Backup with daily reports
  • Guaranteed antivirus – if you get infected, we clean it FREE
  • $1MIL Identity Theft protection and dark web monitoring

Today, MouseCalls has VIP subscribers all over the country!  From solopreneurs running a six-figure business from a home office to retired women checking their AOL email and playing Wordle, each and every one has peace of mind that their digital life is secure.

Pricing starts at $39/month.  It’s a unique value in our industry.  Give us a call and sign on today!