Technology Support

We utilize the most up-to-date tools and technologies to get computers running smooth and consistent. We only use and recommend the best products on the market!

Technology Support has been MouseCalls’ calling card since our birth on February 16, 1998.  When we started, it was the core of what we did, and in the age of dial-up and no remote support, we wore out a few cars in the process.  It is still a big part of who we are, although proactively protecting our clients from data loss and cyberthreats is our bread and butter in this era.

Thousands have sought us out through the years for Computer Repair.  Yes, we still do this in Nashville!  However, Computer Repair is now part of a MouseCalls Membership. For what big-box stores charge for a one-time fix, we provide a year of repair on the same computer, $1MIL in identity theft protection and dark web monitoring, and 1TB of cloud backup with daily reporting!*  It’s frankly a no-brainer and the best deal around.  If you are in middle Tennessee, there is nowhere else you should go.

New Members can select from one of our standard memberships, or a VIP package which provides UNLIMITED Help Desk support and so much more.

Want to kick the tires with us?  Sure!  If you need one-off support, we still do that too.  We provide block time at a discounted rate (keep in mind that all you get is a discount, no priority service guarantee or anything else), as well as our stellar Help Desk on an as-needed basis!