CyberSecurity Solutions

We utilize the most up-to-date tools and technologies to get computers running smooth and consistent. We only use and recommend the best products on the market!

EVERY business, regardless of a Fortune 500 to a solo-prenuer startup working out of a garage, needs cybersecurity.  Many smaller operations make the mistake of thinking they “aren’t a target” because they visualize cyberthreats as emanating from a hacker in a basement somewhere in Eastern Europe.  In reality, entire governments, mafia organizations, and hacker entities with thousands of workers are at it daily; attempting to find your personal data, your company data, hold you for ransom, steal your funds, and much worse.

MouseCalls provides:

  • $1MIL Identity Theft protection and basic dark web monitoring for our clients and their employees (upgrades available)
  • Firewalls
  • Anti-virus, anti-malware
  • Patch management (remember the Equifax breach?  It was caused by not applying patches.  If you think your computer’s automatic updating is all you need, you are sorely mistaken.)
  • Protection against ransomware like WannaCry
  • Secure backup
  • Control user access to data, equipment, and Internet
  • Safeguards data against accidents and catastrophes
  • Secure onsite, offsite, cloud backup
  • Long-term data storage

We do this for EVERY LEVEL and every vertical of business we serve.

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