Custom Web Design

We utilize the most up-to-date tools and technologies to get computers running smooth and consistent. We only use and recommend the best products on the market!

You could build a website on your own or use a freelancer, but then you are limited to the tools of the website builder or the responsiveness support.  Often these platforms end up cost more money in the long run because they do not support customization or modifications specific to your business.  At MouseCalls, we build all our websites with our dedicated team.  Our team reviews not just the aesthetic items in your website, but also how your business functions.  This allows your MouseCalls website to be more than a glorified billboard, putting it to work at generating your business.

When we design websites, we don’t buy a theme off the internet.  We hand-craft it specifically to fit the needs of the client.  By being efficient, we are able to build these custom websites at a lower cost than other companies who use templated solutions.  Your website with us will be specifically optimized for mobile, include stock photography if needed along with training for your team.

When you engage with MouseCalls you are hiring a whole team of people to work on your website instead of just one. There are many ways to approach website development and different functions you want the site to perform. Having an company you can trust comes with many benefits including many experienced resources, diverse skill sets, and unique talent that fit each challenge. More than one person is going to be visiting your website (if it’s done properly). Wouldn’t it be smart to have more than one person build it so it can incorporate different points of view?


Chose MouseCalls for:

  • Super-simple “Online Business Card” sites
  • Fully-powered E-commerce sites
  • Everything in between!