Ransomware Recovery

If you are hit with ransomware and you have inferior backup or none at all, chances are that you are now in crisis mode.

There may be another path forward besides paying the ransom or starting from scratch.

MouseCalls may be able to help you. We have partnerships with high-level security and recovery partners that may (may is the key word here) allow us to decrypt your files without you paying a ransom to the unknown entities in unknown countries that are holding you or your business hostage. Not to sound dramatic, but our contacts in the Federal Government have verbally endorsed our outreach to let clients know that we may get your data back.

If your organization at a standstill due to ransomware? Give us a call before you go one step further.

Free Ransomware Recovery Evaluation

24/7 Emergency Ransomware Recovery Services –

If you have an emergency, we are here to help 24 hours a day 7 days a week including holidays.

No Data. No Charge – If we cannot recover your data from Ransomware, we will not charge you for our efforts. We provide an agreement to each of our clients to further confirm this.


Pay after the Ransomware Recovery Service –

We provide you with the peace of mind that we aren’t going to just take your money before getting any data back. We do not bill you until after you’ve verified your data was successfully recovered.


Hundreds of Successful Ransomware Recovery Cases –

Our proven track record with ransomware has allowed us to evolve as the industry leader in ransomware recovery.