Let’s start with the basics.

Doctors, lawyers, accountants, pilots, and many other professionals have to meet a strict standard to be able to work in their field.

That’s not the case in IT – anyone can legitimately put themselves out as an “IT Professional”. There is no professional body regulating our industry, and it means that the standard is wildly inconsistent.

If anyone who could afford a scalpel could start treating patients would you go to the cheapest one, or would you go to a trusted professional that would undoubtedly cost a little or a lot more? Now think about whether you want to entrust your core business systems to someone who had no barrier to entry and whose differentiating factor is that they are cheaper. If that’s how you value IT, we’re not the right fit.

There’s the other side of that coin as well. Operationally mature smaller businesses with lower margins may be aware that they need IT support and security among other things, but $250/month/user is simply not feasible. MouseCalls was designed for you. MouseCalls has leveraged over two decades of relationships to bring you the best VALUE for your technology spend.