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When MouseCalls began operation on February 16, 1998, Google wasn’t even born.  Home office computers were still a novelty.  Business computing was in its infancy.  Many businesses shared an AOL email address and dial-up connections for all employees.  Home users were using Netscape.  Windows 95 was king, and it was questionable as to whether Apple would survive as a company.  Flip phones were on the horizon, but most folks had “bricks”.  A decent laptop started at $2500.  Businesses, and home users, relied on the “computer guy” to manage their technology, and not much attention was given to experience, qualifications, or professionalism.  Proper tech support was a commodity.

Flash forward to the present day.  To be frank, a person or business cannot survive (or thrive) without modern computers, stable Internet access, mobile devices, and the security that ensures they can continue on when something goes badly. 

However, many people still treat their technology and personal security like it’s 1998.  They rely on a “computer guy” to step in when something goes wrong, which is akin to buying a new car, never changing the oil or rotating the tires, and making it your mechanic’s emergency when the car breaks down with a ruined engine. 

MouseCalls has seen countless needless businesses, companies, and marriages shattered due to simple data loss or breaches that could have been so easily prevented.    In May of 2010, MouseCalls’ main office was at Ground Zero of a catastrophic flood that took many lives.  Not ONE of our clients that were on one of our service plans lost any data at all.  However, dozens of businesses and home office users brought us critical equipment in the weeks to follow that had been submerged.  Many never stopped to think that if their backup was in the same location as their important data, it could all go away at once, whether a flood, power surge, sabotage, or just life happening.  Of all of those, we were able to save one single business’ data.  

This all led MouseCalls to not only a spinoff of another company, but a profound rethinking of how a professional IT/computer business should operate and serve its client base.  In February of 2016, we launched the modern version of the VIP Plans we have today.  The core of it all was BACKUP.  Back up EVERYTHING.  Then, unlimited Help Desk support, guaranteed antivirus, identity theft protection, and more.  MouseCalls leveraged our many vendor relationships to bring Enterprise-level IT to even the home-based business on their budget, and to this day, continues to provide high-end solutions to commercial clients with 40 employees and retired seniors in condos…and everyone in between who wants peace of mind.

Today, MouseCalls has clients in 26 states.  We are very blessed, and very grateful, for our 18,000+ clients we have served, some for over 20 years.