Office 365

For most folks, Office 365 is a confusing morass. It can be for consumer or business, include online apps, computer apps, email services, file sharing…or not. Different companies seem to have slightly different flavors.

99.99% Guaranteed Uptime

MouseCalls takes Office 365 and makes it better with IronScales security. There is NO BETTER business email option on the market today. With 99.999% guaranteed uptime and layered levels of anti-malware and anti-phishing, it’s a solution that just makes sense for any size business.

Robust Office 365 Package

Let MouseCalls bundle your Office 365 into a service offering. If you purchase direct from Microsoft, there’s no security, and when you need support, you will be directed overseas. Godaddy and ISP-hosted Office 365 aren’t much better. Get a ROBUST Office 365 package, hosted and supported in the United States, with MouseCalls managing it for you.