New Mac/PC Computers

Ask a MouseCalls rep about getting a better, more robust computer today.

When you think of fireworks, you think about consumer-grade…Black Cat firecrackers and M-80s. Contrast that with commercial-grade…massive lights and blasts that hold us spellbound. That’s the dirty secret about technology. There are two different classes. There’s consumer-grade, which you can pick up at Staples, Best Buy, or Costco. These are computers that are made to meet a certain price point for folks shopping on the cheap, and they are NOT meant to last over a year or two. Then, there are business-class computers, which even hold different model names. They are built to last, made with better hardware, and are faster to boot (get it?).

One of Steve Jobs’ many great decisions was to dictate thatApple would only use and manufacture business-class hardware This is largely why Macs last longer and have higher resale value.  Here’s a secret…Windows-based PCs built with business-class hardware are always cheaper than Macs, but under the hood, they are the same quality.  Business-class computers are built to last three times as long as consumer-grade retail computers. You pay a little more but it is less expensive long term.