Data Recovery

For most folks, Office 365 is a confusing morass. It can be for consumer or business, include online apps, computer apps, email services, file sharing…or not. Different companies seem to have slightly different flavors.

Crashed hard drive or mobile device with critical data that isn’t backed up? MouseCalls offers many data recovery options at a price point that works for most clients.

MouseCalls offers Level One Data Recovery for all clients in need. If we are successful at this point, the charge will never be over $300.

If your recovery requires Level Two or Three recovery, our lab partners are usually able to get your data provided the drive has not suffered a massive physical disaster. Keep in mind that a drive that fell out of the exploding Space Shuttle Columbia was recovered completely. There is hope. MouseCalls holds your hand through the entire process.

Types of devices that can be recovered include:

  • Standard hard drives
  • Solid State drives
  • RAID / Server drives
  • Flash media
  • Smartphones and tabletsObsolete devices

In our plugged-in and logged-on world, losing your documents, your photos and videos, and other important data can feel like a nightmare. In data loss situations like these and more, our data retrieval technicians know exactly what to do to get as much of your data back as possible.

  • That Quickbooks file you accidentally deleted isn’t gone forever
    The WD My Book external drive you just accidentally reformatted still has your family photos on it
  • The portable external drive that just fell off your desk and started clicking hasn’t cost you all of your financial documents from the past year
  • That crashed NAS device that had your business’s SQL database isn’t the end of the world (although it probably feels like it).