Cloud File Servers

It is insanity in this day and age to use internal computers and servers as simple file-sharing devices. With the advent of secure private cloud file servers and the mobile apps that go with them, offloading that service just makes sense from a functionality and budgetary point.

We’re not talking consumer-grade solutions like Dropbox. Dropbox is a big target due to its popularity and large user base. There are tens of thousands of pages on the light and dark web with shared Dropbox links to all kinds of data…some not fit for public consumption. Dropbox has also been hacked, exposing 68 million users’ logins, and it didn’t come to light for four years.

MouseCalls has multiple private, HIPAA and SEC/FINRA compliant solutions for your business or non-profit. We use them internally. Features include permissions, integration with Microsoft Office, and secure password-protected sharing