Call That Girl Referral Program

Hi folks! Call That Girl (the lovely and talented Lisa Hendrickson) partnered with us to provide remote Windows and technical support. We have simple, yet comprehensive programs that are specifically designed for a small business or home office like yours. Lisa does ALL your Outlook and Office 365 requests, and we do pretty much everything else! Offered below is our Associate Plan, which is perfect for most people. As a client of Lisa’s, you get special priority with us. We welcome you and look forward to working with you!

$39 a month per computer, billed monthly

  • Unlimited tech support
  • Managed Windows updates and patches
  • Online backup (up to 1TB per device) with daily reporting
  • Antivirus, no cost for virus infection cleanups
  • Does not include onsite visits, warranty work or hardware support, or technical education and/or training

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